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B.T.S. -Brilliant Techno Square- (Techno Genre BMS Event)

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Concept of B.T.S.----------------------------------------------------------------
B.T.S. is a Techno Genre BMS Event.
Acid, Dub, Minimal, Pops, and other techno subgenres. All of it is acceptable!

Event Period----------------------------------------------------------------
Registration Period: 8.July 2017 (SAT) - 11.July 2017 (THE) [UTC+09]
Impression Period: 10.July 2017 (MON) - 23.July 2017 (SUN) [UTC+09]

Definition of Techno?----------------------------------------------------------------
Please make techno freely with your own style!

Winner & Featured BMS----------------------------------------------------------------
The winner is decided by total score.
In addition, the event organization will also choose a "Featured BMS", and give it a separate prize!
In case of same score, BMS registered earlier is ranked higher.

Registration BMS----------------------------------------------------------------
This event will be hosted on scytheleg's event venue.
You can enter an artist or song you have been inspired by. (Optional)
We will be using BMS Event Rule Standard (BRS) as the base for the event rules.

Registration example ->

For this event, impression = 1 point. You do not have to think about points for each BMS!
We will be using BMS Event Rule Standard (BRS) as the base for the event rules.

Event package----------------------------------------------------------------
It will be created a few days after the start of the impression period.
For BMS that violates the BMS Event Rule Standard (BRS) there is a possibility of forbidding registration of packages.

Sound demo----------------------------------------------------------------
I will participate B.T.S. with this song. You may use it as an example for the genre, however you may also ignore it completely.

Event Organizer:
Email Address : k2ghjunompc60[at]gmail.com
Twitter : @K2GH808
Twitter Hushtag: #BTSTechno

Event venue Script
English Guide(Collaborator)
BRS Ver.002

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